A Birthday Party for the Birds

We threw Audrey a little bird themed party to celebrate her third birthday.  It was all very sweet.

Four sweet girls came to play and have lunch.  The girls, and Colton, played tea party with some new sweet treats from Aunt Karen.  Then we made bird feeders like these, from a recent issue of Alphabet Glue.  Then they colored salt dough birds with markers (of course, salt dough).  It was fun to see the girls play in their own way without their moms and siblings.  Two of the girls we have known since birth and it's amazing to see how they can just be themselves, together.  

The girls' moms and siblings joined us after lunch for singing and cupcakes.  Audrey loved everyone singing Happy Birthday to her and I think she really knew how special the day was.  She was not remembering her birth day three years ago, the way I was, but she knew this day, her day, was just for her.

It was nice mid winter celebration.  I am excited to see what the next year holds our big girl.

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