Night Snow

One night last week, when Craig had finished work and fat, wet, sticky snowflakes were falling, we all bundled up and headed outside.  Craig pulled Audrey is the sled and I lugged Colton around after them.  Colton is perfectly happy to be in the snow as long as he's being held.  

I think we're getting this whole "out in the snow" thing.  I can now get everyone dresses - and dressed warmly enough - for the snow in a reasonable amount of time.  Then we traipse our boots across the driveway to the field or across the street to the park.  The sled has a long pull rope that I can loop around my shoulder, pulling Audrey in the sled, while carrying Colton.  It is a work out and a half, let me tell you.

Saturday afternoon was sunny and warm (mid 20's) so the kids and I went to the park.  The snow was icy,  each step gave a satisfying crunch and left a clean footprint behind.  Audrey sled down the small hill at the park for a while then we watched two dogs play in the snow for a long time.  We were just about the head in side when Colton discovered that he might actually like snow.  He can stand on the shoveled front walk and lean into the snow covered garden beds.   He and Audrey threw snowballs onto the driveway and watched them explode as they landed.  Audrey and Colton thought this was hysterical and, watching them, so did I.

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