Show Your Work

You know, like your high school algebra teacher taught you - show your work so there is a record of what you have done to get where you are. This is how I feel about blogging.  A way of recording my days, recording the work of being a mother, a wife, of keeping house.  This kind of work is not easily evaluated or even reflected upon, amid the dishes and runny noses, laughter and tears, parks and stroller, food on the floor and "pick up your toys."

But if  I had to write these days as mathematical equations, a proof if you will, of the sum of my days, this is what it would look like:

Park + Beach > Dirty Dishes + Runny Noses
Tears(Laughter) = Laughter(Singing)
Kids + Small House = Love

So here I am, working it out.  Some days the sums just don't add up; the hours, and my patience, slip away.   But I hope that this record, this blog, will show me the work I have done. That diaper change + library + finger paint + mac'n'cheese + playdate + skinned knee = the best days of my life.

This is my work.


  1. What a fabulous way to describe your life as a mother and a it!

  2. Anonymous3/07/2014

    Love this! My husband is a math guy, so I have learned to really appreciate the "mathiness" of things...a beautiful description.