As much as I love a clean house, I'm pretty lazy about cleaning it.  Recently, I've reduced my chores to keeping the counter tops clean (which I do pretty well) and the clean laundry put away (which I don't do well).  I have to disassociate myself pretty hard from the gritty feeling under my feet as I walk through the house.  My parents came to visit a few weeks ago and I didn't even clean out the fridge.  I just moved the food around little to scrub the  stickier spots.

Dinner, you might imagine, has gone the same way.  Thank goodness its summer, so that "Hot dogs for dinner!" again sounds almost legit.  Just so you don't loose complete faith in me, know that I have 6 jars of strawberry preserve made from family-picked strawberries in the freezer.  The preserves are amazing over ice cream, buttermilk biscuits, and truth be told, straight off the spoon.

When my parents were here we drove around to the Michigan side of Lake Michigan and climbed the Warren Dunes.  Then we continued north to Mackinac Island.  There are no cars on the island, so people and things travel by bike or horse drawn carriage.  It was beautiful.

Keeping up with blog has obviously been on the back burner for a while.  I hope to get back to posting, although I feel a little like I've lost my voice.  I've been reading a LOT lately and hope to share some good reads soon.


This Moment

Inspired by SouleMama, a Friday ritual.  A single photo capturing a moment from the week to  remember, reflect and share.


Here We Are

Trees in our yard, last month.

Well that was an unexpected break.  But here we are.  Our last month has been:
Sunny and warm, and sunny and cold.  
Park days and park evenings.  
Getting back in bike riding gear.  
Sick kids and sick parents.  
And then sick kids again.  

I hope to be back here more regularly.  See you tomorrow for This Moment.


April 15

Most of the snow has melted now, but goodness it was disheartening to wake up to a 23 degree morning.  We went for one last romp this morning, but somehow "April 15" won out over "snow" in my dressing plan and we went outside without snow pants, gloves or hat, all of which we needed.

Worms are Audrey's latest obsession.  (Thanks, Wild Kratts!)  We have had more worm "rescues" in the last two days than I can count (living free and in the wild!).  Yesterday, the side walk in front of the library was covered with dried up worms.  Audrey had two in her hand when I told her they had to be returned to the dirt and not brought into the library.  She put them in the dirt, but apparently thought that next worm she found would be ok to bring in.  It wasn't until a librarian (a nice one), asked me, "Is she supposed to have that? *uncomfortable laugh*" that I realized Audrey had a shriveled up, fried worm in her hand.

Worms on the sidewalk are just another sign of spring, although I'm not sure what a worm on the snow is a sign of....