It took us all week but we have finally eaten all the Thanksgiving leftovers, removed the extra silverware from the draw and finished the laundry.  Ok, there is still laundry, because...well, there is always laundry.  We listened to Christmas music for the first time today and Craig took the kids to the park while I put up some Christmas decorations.  We have not bought or made a single present.  But that's ok.  We have time for the important things.

I made an Advent calendar with some painted salt dough trees this week.  (Can you tell salt dough is the extent of my craftiness?)   I hope it is a calendar we'll use for years to come.  Each date has a little activity on the back.  Just a sticky note, I'm looking for something nicer, but this will work for now.  Today was "Listen to Christmas music" to help us ease into the season.

Hope you are enjoying the beginning and preparations of early December.

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