Circle Swim: Because I Am

Even though I wake up tired this morning, and all I want to do is sit on the couch and let the kids run wild, I pack my swim bag and the kids and we head out.  Even as I drop Audrey and Colton at childcare, I tell myself it's ok to just get a coffee and sit in the lounge.  But I go to the locker room and change, and think "I'll just sit in the hot tub for a while."  But I walk across the pool deck and watch the still water as I tuck my hair into my cap.  "Just swim a 50," as I slip into the cold water.

I swim 50 yards, then 100, then 200, then 1,000. I swim. I swim. I swim.

Even though I took a twelve year break, I swim, now, because I am a swimmer.  Even though I am recover from a shoulder injury, I swim because I am a swimmer.  My shoulder is weak and my arm hesitates and seeks the path of least resistance and cannot keep up with the rest of my body and I push forward because I am a swimmer.  Its cold outside and cold in the water and I swim.  Nobody watches and nobody times me and I swim.  I swim because I am a swimmer.

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