Ice Palaces

This has been a very busy week.  I start a new (very part-time) job tomorrow and I'm super excited.  I wasn't looking for a job, I kind of just feel into it.  (Like - Splash, now I have a job!)  It feels like coming home and it will be really great for me and for our family.

We signed Audrey up for preschool this week.  And even though she doesn't start until next fall, filling out the paper work really made me imagine what my days, and Colton's days, will look like next year.  It kind of broke my heart.  And then my mind fast forwarded to the next year and all day kindergarten and...please some one tell me how to put on the brakes!  I think I'll have more to say about this...

And then, on Tuesday night, I was walking down the stairs after checking that the kids weren't playing with toothpaste in their beds (they have before but weren't that night) and I slipped in my stocking feet and fell.

I fell all the way down the stairs, on my left side, dislocating my shoulder.  It was very awful. Thankfully our neighbor was able to come over in a minute's notice and stay with the kids, until my mother in law could get to our house. Craig rushed me to the ER.  It was the worst hour of my life, (except for the other time I dislocated the same shoulder) until I was finally put under for the doctor to put my shoulder back in place.

(I had this super funny dream while I was out about ice palaces and Jan Brett and I spoke with a British accent, but I'm not sure it would be as funny to you as it was to me. The nurses certainly didn't think it was funny when I told them about it.)

As soon as my brain was no longer addled by pain or drugs, all I could think about was how grateful I was that things had happened the way they did.   That our neighbor could stay with the kids and we didn't have to bring them with us.  That my mother in law could spend the night with them. That I received such good care in the ER (and have continued to receive helpful and timely care). That we have insurance to help us pay for the treatment and friends to bring us dinners. So many things could have been worse.

I'm doing very well and hope that my recovery will be shorter than longer.  And since we're mostly stuck inside due to the cold weather, it's a fine time to just sit and rest.  Hopefully I'll have something more exciting to share next week!

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  1. Oh dear! Hope you're better soon.