We spent the last week in California, visiting my parents.  It was a great trip and, having left our crazy weather for the West Coast's crazy weather, somewhat surreal.  It was foggy but warm (!!!!) the day we went to Natural Bridges State Beach.  It is a winter home to Monarch butterflies and although most headed north two weeks ago, we were still able to see an amazing amount.  (I took it as a sign that this winter will not last forever, if delicate butterflies are heading north. Warm weather will come.)

Far away they looked like dry leaves, but then when the sun would come out they would warm up and flap their wings.

Down at the beach....

In the tide pools....

From the air.... (a great blue heron, did you see in in the second tide pool picture too?)

Would you mind terribly if I shared more pictures of our trip later this week?  I promise to try to keep them to a minimum.  Man, it was good to get away!

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