Lakefront In February

After our week in California I realized how much I miss being outside.  We've spent so little time outside this year.  Between snow storms,  a polar vortex or two and a dislocated shoulder it has been beyond my ability, or desire, to dress the kids and undress the kids for just a few minutes in the snow.

Today after checking the extended forecast, and realizing this was the warmest day of the week, at 23 degrees, I dressed the kids in extra pants and socks and sweatshirts and snowsuits and jackets with hats and mittens and boots and we drove down to the lake. This is what we found.

It was like walking on the moon, to a crystal symphony soundtrack.  Each step cracked and crunched and tinkled like broken glass.  It was disorienting, completely new, for us to have the sand exposed from under the snow and ice.  The kids were quiet as they explored their beach, the same but so, so different.

Here is the lakefront in December and July and one year ago.

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