I have a couple to knitting projects to tell you about, but let's just talk about the one I started yesterday. I'm frogging the first sweater I ever made (and never, ever - not even once - wore).  It was made at a time when I had more time and money to spend knitting than I had skills.  Now I have skills, but alas, neither time or money!  So here's to do-overs!

I finished The Cuckoo's Calling last week. It was excellent.  Unlike The Casual Vacancy, which I only finished because J K Rowling was the author, I would have loved Cuckoo's no matter who Robert Galbraith was.  The plot was very well paced with mysteries personal and murderous.  Right about page 350, when Robin (and the reader) discovers Strike is unraveling the mystery I wondered how Rowling would keep the plot tight for the next 100 pages.  But she does and she does it beautifully.

Even more compelling than the paparazzi and untimely death is the slow reveal of Cormoran Strike and Robin.  Every interaction they have digs deeper into their character.  And as they grow to like each other, we grow to love them.  Rowling is genuine and loving to each of them and finding out how their partnership will fair was, for me, the reason to read to the end.

Joining Ginny and Yarn a long today.

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  1. I am also unravelling the first cardigan I knit myself! I never wore it, it was the wrong shape I hope to knit something else with the yarn. Hope you can find the time to make something with your yarn :)