Extended Holiday

We have been stretching out our holidays by spending an almost absurd amount of days at home. A combination of lingering colds and snowy weather and now frigid temperatures have keep us happy lounging on our own couch. (Except for one afternoon when our neighbor invited us outside to play in the snow. Look at those pink cheeks!)

Can you see the layers of snow on our window sills?

One day, Audrey asked, about 11 o'clock, "When are we going to get dressed today?"  One day I let the dishes pile up in the sink for well over 24 hours. Chicken nuggets have become a legitimate dinner option. We are living on the wild side.

Thankfully we have plenty of new books to read.  I finished The Cuckcoo's Calling in two and a half days, all 450 pages of it! (Thanks Mom and Dad!)  We have new puzzles. We have lots hot drinks and good food.  And the DVR is full of Wild Kratts and Midsomer Murder and Vera and Miss Phryne. I'm doing a little knitting and some knitting planning.  This or this or this?  The kids have seems perfectly content and so have Craig and I.

Here are some photos take by Audrey and Colton!

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