Mile By Mile - Life In The Bike Lane

Last Sunday we went for a family bike ride.  One of the major street in our town was closed to vehicles and open to bikes!  It was a beautiful day and fun to see so many families riding bikes.

 We're still riding our bikes as much as ever, even if I haven't written about it lately.  It has become routine and normal for me and the kids.  Audrey knows how to buckle herself in and can put on her helmet.  No sure about her look up there, but did you notice the goggles? Oh, yeah!

We still love our Burley trailer and hope to keep riding through most of the fall.  I'm not sure what we'll do next spring though, as the trailer is getting pretty heavy to pull and the kids are running out of room.  Maybe one of these?  (I just showed them to Craig.  He said "No way," {for very practical reasons, where would keep one, how would we afford one?} but still it's fun to dream!)

I have a few more biking posts I'm working on. I hope to have them up soon!

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  1. Anonymous10/07/2013

    How lovely - we used to ride a bike a lot, but now there are hardly any bike paths around. UK roads are so narrow and really not very bike friendly. I wish we could get out cycling more!