An Ocean Tide

Here it is Thursday again and I have yet to say anything here.

These days are passing like waves on the ocean, with sibling squabbles and short tempered mama and dishes and laundry (oh, the laundry) all rising up upon each other, until no one can hold the weight and it all crashes down, spreading across the sand, still and silent - waiting, just waiting to be pulled back into the chaos again.

Its nothing that dramatic, just 2 and 3 1/2 year old chaos, but don't I remember something in physics about when two wave meet they join together at an increased height? That sounds about right.  I am cleaning up one mess, while behind me another mess is doubled.  There is just no getting ahead right now.

*Deep breath*  *Don't panic* *Hold on for the ride*


  1. Anonymous10/10/2013

    yes. yes. yes. mmm... i like that, don't panic. that is a good mantra. thank yoU!

  2. oh yes...multiple littles multiplies everything! Hang on tight there Mama, the ride might make you queasy, but you can do it!