Ahoy, Matey!

I was all set to drive to Target on Monday to buy the kids matching pirate costumes, when I decided to see what I had around the house to make the costumes. I found some gray cotton, left over from the super hero capes, to make vests and some gray felt to make eye patches.  I began to think this might just work.

On a quick bike trip (the kids rode their bikes, I walked) to our crazy craft store in town I found bandannas for hats and a skull and crossbones stencil to make it all look legit.  The kids will wear the vests over striped shirts and they may or may not have paint stirrer swords.   As awesome as the swords sound, they are probably a really bad idea.  But maybe a bag of chocolate coins?  Or telescopes?  I made the treasure map out of an old bed sheet.

Guess what else the kids tried on yesterday?  Snowsuits!  Because the temperature is barely making it out of the 30's these days.  Should make for interesting trick or treating!  Happy Wednesday!

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