C is for Cape

For Colton and our nephews, I made these super hero capes for Christmas.  As much as I really wish I could sew, and despite the fact that I have taken a sewing class, I'm not very good at it.  It is possible that I'm really bad at it.  I had to rip one entire cape apart and half of another and resew them.  But I pressed on (ha!), with the sewing machine scrunched onto Craig's desk, crawling around on the floor cutting fabric, with a determined scowl on my face.

The pattern was easy to follow, just do exactly like she says.  I used two colors for each cape, all four are black in the inside.  And I added the felt letters by free handing a stencil, cutting the felt, then I hand sewed them on with embroidery floss.

I going to make on for Audrey's birthday next month.  It may build my sewing confidence!

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