Summer Storms

We've been summer busy - beach days, park evenings, gardens and thunder storms.

I'm also busy preparing for some great celebrations in the coming weeks.  There are lists on the counter and lists in my head - ingredients and gifts, cleaning and making.  Lists of what to bring to the lake and lists of things to do to the house.

When I look at the state of my house - the finger prints on the fridge and windows, the food smears on the table, the dirt and sand and food on the floor - I feel a little panicked.  How will my house be ready to welcome a celebration when I have`two whirlwinds undoing twice as fast as I can do?  No list can keep my house clean, so I'll just have to wing it at the last minute

Yesterday at the lake we saw a small seiche.  Here is the water going out, just before a storm arrived.

Here it is coming back in.

Our storms have been what I think are typical mid-west summer storms.  The first boom of thunder gives you about five minutes before the heavens open up.  Rain comes down like a waterfall.  Trees bend to the howling wind.  Lightning flashes and sometimes the lights flicker.  The noise and power of it all is exciting and sometimes a little scary.  And then just as fast as it started, it ends.  Is that at all symbolic of motherhood?  I think it just might be.

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