We Went To Boston

And now we're home again.  It was a great trip for our family.   It was not the trip you would find in the Lonely Planet guide book or the trip Craig and I would have taken without two kids.  Our trip was one of finding parks and finding bathrooms and finding family-friendly places to eat and saying to each other "didn't something historic happen here?"

It turns out that is a great way to see Boston.  We arrived last Saturday,

and took a water taxi to our hotel in Charleston, on the Charles River

That afternoon we took a walk through Charlestown, around the neighborhood, over brick sidewalks, under canopies of flowering trees and passed Bunker Hill.  Then to the liquor store to get some local brew - it was Saturday night and we weren't the only family pushing strollers with six packs tucked underneath.

From our hotel room we watched my brother, Andy, arrive by water taxi.  We had the most amazing view.  It was a great source of entertainment for the kids, watching birds and boats pass by.  That night we had dinner at a neighborhood pizza joint in the North End.  We ordered two pizzas and a pitcher of beer and did not feel like tourists at all.

The next day was sunny and windy and we took a tour of the USS Constitution.  Well, everyone but Colton and me.  Colton was not in the mood to be on a two hundred year old ship, so we hung out in the gift shop.  

Then we walked over the river and through Boston to Boston Common.  This was way more Colton's style.

After lunch from UBurger, we crossed the street to the Public Garden, to say hello to the Mallard family.  Alicia joined us for the day and we were so glad to have Andy and Alicia with us on our trip.

We had dinner that night at the Warren Tavern and sat at George Washington's favorite table (, maybe).  It was Cinco de Mayo and the bar was full of locals in sombreros and a piano man singing really sad songs from the 90's, so no one noticed Colton throwing silverware around.  Thank goodness.

Monday was all about parks.  We walked the Freedom Trail and found four parks, and some historical sights, along the way.  

Paul Revere Park, in Charleston

Copp's Hill Burying Ground and the Old North Church beyond.

Paul Revere and the Old North Church

We got cannoli at Mike's Pastry.   

Christopher Columbus Park, on the waterfront

King's Chapel Burying Ground

Granary Burying Ground

We had lunch at the Common again.  This time Craig and I split a pastrami corned beef combo from Sam LaGrassas and rosemary french fries from the Clover food truck.  Both were excellent.

Boston Common Playground

North End Playground

Phew, well I think that's enough for now.  I'll share our day in Concord and some other sights and foods another day.  

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