Mile By Mile - To The Beach And Back Again

This morning we headed to the beach and it was one of those early, unprepared beach days. I forgot bathing suits and hats and most of the sand toys the kids wanted to bring.  But as you can imagine none of that mattered once we hit the sand.  There was too much fun to be had.

I really wanted to share today was what our rides look like, what we pass and what we find along the way.  That is easier said than done on a bike with a trailer and two kids in the back.  But here is a bit of what we saw today.

The lilacs across the street were blooming and fragrant as we pulled out of the drive way.  We passed our neighbor pushing a daughter in a stroller and waved hello.  After one stop at the first red light, we traveled all the way through downtown on green lights.  We didn't stop again until we reached the lake.

We usually go south on the trial but today we went to the north edge of our town to meet some friends.

Along the lakefront path....

Past the university...

To the beach.  It was perfect.  The kids dug and poured and rolled around in the sand and were totally occupied while the moms sat on blankets and had a whole conversation without interruption.

We rode home with our friends, the kids talking to each other in their trailers behind us. It was a great ride and a great day with friends.

It felt like the start of summer.

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