This is my very lovely, and very completed,  Lonely Tree Shawl.   But I really wanted it to be bigger. Soooo...

This is me preparing to unravel the last eight rows, using this method.  It was very nerve wracking, but don't worry, everything turned out ok.  It's such a lacy pattern and it's three weeks worth of knitting and there are no mistakes at all in the shawl. So I really debated if it was worth it to take the risk of dropping a stitch while unraveling.  But I decided that I have worked so hard on this that it was worth it to have it exactly as I want it.  

So out the stitches had to go.  

Ok, back to knitting again.  I can't wait to share the finished product with you!


  1. Hi Megan, just stopping by! That is a gorgeous shawl! What pattern did you use? I am into knitting but need to get back on the bandwagon post-baby. Hope you guys are having a good week so far and stay warm in all of this snow we are supposed to get!

    1. Hi Rose! It's the Lonely Tree Shawl, free on Raverly. Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by.