Mile by Mile - Back On Two Wheels

Sorry for the random snow photos, it's just really hard to take pictures on a bike!

The kids and I took our first bike ride of the year on Friday.  It was very spontaneous  - we were downstairs putting on our shoes when I decided to take the bike instead of walk.  I was excited to give my bike a spin after a tune up from a neighborhood shop.  (The tune up was a great investment in our biking routine!)

Over all it was a good ride.  We rode straight down Church St to the library.  I had forgotten how hard somethings are, and how easy other things are, on the bike.  Colton had no trouble wearing his helmet, thank goodness!   The temperature was in the mid 30's and there was a pretty strong wind, but under the blanket the kids were toasty warm.   It's amazing how fast we travel on the bike, compared to walking, even if I'm pretty out of shape.  When we got to the library, I unhooked the trailer and brought it in with us, stroller style.  I couldn't remember how I locked the bike and trailer together to bike rack so unhooking just seemed faster than figuring it out again.    It was a good thing I did because I checked out a bunch of books and then remembered I had to get milk at Whole Foods across the street.  I just loaded up the "trunk" with all our items, and we were on our way.

After our two errands, I hooked the trailer back up and we were home in no time.  So begins our biking season.

PS. If you'd like to check out how we biked last summer, you can visit my old blog, Adventures with Audrey, and look under "Biking with Kids." Happy cycling!

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