Simple Stitches

After finishing four sweaters in two months (on my old blog herehere, here and here), I really needed a break from pattern reading, stitch counting and the feeling that I would never, ever finish what I started.  So I said hello to the stocking cap.  Not the most inspiring of projects, but I find it both meditative and mindless, which suits me just fine right now.

I have joined a knitting group at our church.  Actually, I should say we have started attending a church and the church has a knitting group.  I am the youngest knitter by twenty or thirty years.  The ladies gather to knit prayer shawls and baby blankets and stocking caps.  The stocking caps, I am  assured, are most in demand this time of year - to be handed out at the church's warming center. So two by two stockinette I'll knit for nine inches, then a no-muss-or-fuss decrease at the top and the cap is finished.

The sweet green jewel is for a dear friend's baby whom I'll meet for the first time this weekend.  I know this sweet babe will be tiny, I only hope she is still tiny enough to for this hat to fit!  The pom-pom, I agree, is a bit ridiculous....or perhaps ridiculously cute?  You decide.

The brown cap is called  Encore Worsted Ribbed Hat and the green cap is called Child's Cap.  I don't have e - copies of them and wasnot able to find them on line, sorry!

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