Up The Coast

We traveled up the California coast last week, north on Highway One, to my family's property.  This is the land of my grandmother's mother.  Its story is as long and winding as the road to get there.  It is wild and fierce and soothing to the soul all in breath.

Fog can hug the coast for weeks at a time, but we were lucky to have four days of glorious sunshine. The black sand was hot enough to scorch my bare feet, but the Pacific cooled them with aching waves.

Audrey and Colton are just the most recent children to discover H Creek's secrets.  My cousin's children, and my younger cousins, and my brothers and I, and my older cousins, and my dad and my aunts and uncles and their cousins, and their parents, all explored the meadow, the creek, the pond, the sand and the sea.  The generations pass and still H Creek remains unchanged.  For that I am so thankful.

(Yes, I wore my lonely sea here.)

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