April 15

Most of the snow has melted now, but goodness it was disheartening to wake up to a 23 degree morning.  We went for one last romp this morning, but somehow "April 15" won out over "snow" in my dressing plan and we went outside without snow pants, gloves or hat, all of which we needed.

Worms are Audrey's latest obsession.  (Thanks, Wild Kratts!)  We have had more worm "rescues" in the last two days than I can count (living free and in the wild!).  Yesterday, the side walk in front of the library was covered with dried up worms.  Audrey had two in her hand when I told her they had to be returned to the dirt and not brought into the library.  She put them in the dirt, but apparently thought that next worm she found would be ok to bring in.  It wasn't until a librarian (a nice one), asked me, "Is she supposed to have that? *uncomfortable laugh*" that I realized Audrey had a shriveled up, fried worm in her hand.

Worms on the sidewalk are just another sign of spring, although I'm not sure what a worm on the snow is a sign of....

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