Thinking Spring

Even if it feel like winter outside.

I thought about getting my bike out, but it is still way too cold for riding (for me. There are lots of people out riding.)

I went though the kids summer clothes to see what they had that fits, even though we are still wearing mittens and hats.

The only thing making me excited right now is re-watching the first season of Downton Abby. It is, I think, even more exquisite re-watching the beginning, knowing how it all unfolds.  Mrs. Patmore's first lines are so prophetic for the series and the dreamlike, dusky lighting mark it as the enchanted season, before the war, before the painful losses to come. Just hearing the theme music makes me happy.  Hopefully season one last me until warmer weather.  

If you need a smile, you might want to check this out:  Upside Downton Abby by Sesame Street.    

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