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Audrey turned four this week.  It's hard for me to believe, because sometimes when she is laying in my arms, I can so easily see the little baby we brought home that February.

The weeks after her birth were the most peaceful I've ever had.  That's hard to believe, but I felt such a relief after her birth. I was finally feeling well after being ill for 40 weeks.  Craig was off work and we planted ourselves on the couch with our sweet baby and watched her for hours and hours.  Then the Winter Olympics started and we alternated watching the baby and watching athletic feats.  My parents came to visit and we spent a cozy week together.

Then my parents left, the Olympics ended and Craig went back to work.  Suddenly I was all alone, all day, with my baby and wondering how to fill the time.  Mostly to sooth myself I'm sure, I started reading to Audrey.  I found comfort in a pastime that was so familiar to me and I was so happy to share it with her - even if she was only two weeks old. We had only a few books and I would read them over and over.  We have read together every day since.

Audrey so loves books. This fall we began to venture out of the picture book section and into other areas of the children's library.  We have found some real favorites.  Here is a list of some great books beyond the picture book shelves - from poetry, biography, non fiction and more.

Here are some of our favorite books for three and a half year old Audrey:
*The links are working now!*

Once Upon A Poem An illustrated collection of poems including Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis, Roal Dahl and Clement Clarke Moore.
26 Fairmount Avenue  We have enjoyed a couple of the books in this series by Tomie de Paola, especially Here We All Are
The Animal Book   We all loved this beautiful - and sometimes creepy (in a good way) - book of interesting animal facts by Steve Jenkins. Actual Size is really fun too!
I Spy Books  I loved these as a kid and still do.  School Days is our favorite.
My Father's Dragon Ruth Stiles Gannett wrote this chapter book in the 1940, but it is a wonderful fantasy adventure. It is the first (and best, in my opinion) of a trilogy.

I cannot wait to see what books we discover together - and what she might discover on her own - this new year.

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  1. Anonymous2/11/2014

    great list!! i too was sick for the whole pregnancy with my second... its pure torture! but, this go at it i began feeling well at about 12 weeks, thank goodness. I am interested in My Father's Dragon, I have heard so much about it lately!