Audrey's Babies

Audrey is super into babies these days.  Today she told me she can't remember when she was in my tummy and asked when she was going to be a baby again.  We have lots of friends with new babies this season and it is fascinating to Audrey.  When she's not pretending to be a mom, (with a baby tucked inside her shirt, patting her tummy, saying "shhh, shhh," bouncing) she's pretending to be a baby (crawling, talking in baby talk, asking to be spoon fed).

So it seemed like the right time to get my grandmother's toy bed out of the attic.  She sent it to Audrey a while ago, but it was not the right time to have it out. But now, now is perfect!  Audrey loves it.  At night it sits next to her bed, where she can put one hand  on the babies inside. (This happens in a book we like.) It comes down stairs with us in the morning, so there is a place to put the babies when Audrey can't hold them.  The babies change every day, from different animals to different dolls.  She posed them and herself for the picture above.  So funny and sweet!

We had a really lovely Thanksgiving with Craig's dad and step-mom.  It was so relaxing that I didn't take a single picture! Hope yours was lovely too!

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