Change is happening, inside and out, around here.  We are shuffling furniture and toys and clothes around, even as our feet shuffle through leaves.  Some items are finding new homes with different families and some just have new places within our house.  You might not even notice the changes, but I do.  It feels simpler and easier and more fun and good.

I have been reminded that this November is different than last November and next November will be different still.  It is hard to see the difference in the day to day.  Time can seem to pass in an endless loop, but that is not truly how it passes.  It spirals away and never will we repeat the day we have before us.

For the last time this week I washed and dried and folded our cloth diapers.  For over three years those diapers have been our constant companion and, while it feels silly to be a little weepy over diapers, it illustrates to me the passage of time.  Our everyday is now never again.

(Our diaper, along with out grown toys and clothes, are on their way to new homes, with families that will love them as much as we did. Spiraling out.)

I am trying hard to let Audrey and Colton be.  To let their play unfold.  To allow them slow moments without interrupting with a new activity.  Because these free days will not last forever.  And I want them to count, for all of us.

As I press publish, the rain has turned to snow. Turn, turn, turn.  

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