Circle Swim

Audrey started swim lessons last week.  She's in the Pike class and my heart could have totally burst when she got in the pool with complete confidence and excitement.  I watched her from above on a little balcony while she "kick, kick, kick" -ed and "reach and pull, reach and pull" -ed.  I thought about all the kids I taught to swim when I was in high school and now, as a parent, I have a totally different view.  It never seemed like a big deal, to teach a child to swim.  I just got in the water with kids and showed them how to do it, one skill at a time.  Now I think it's a HUGE DEAL!  When she climbed out of the water at the end of the lesson, she gave me a big, wet hug.

I've started swimming again too, like with a swim cap and flip turns and the occasional lap of butterfly.  I had the opportunity to swim across the small lake at camp and then to swim in Lake Michigan a couple of time this summer.  Now I'm swimming a 1600 yard workout.   It's exhausting and kind of like the old days and I love it.

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