Fruit Dumplings

It's becoming a bit of a tradition around here to make fruit dumplings for Colton's birthday.  We follow the recipe that Craig's grandma used.  This was by far my best batch, as was evident by the eating.  Colton had cleaned his plate before I could take a picture of him.

Have you every had fruit dumplings?  No? They were new to me, too, when I joined the Baxa family.  They originate in the Baxa's Bohemian, or Czech, heritage. Here's how we make them.

Make a dough, similar to pie dough, with flour, salt, butter and cream cheese and add eggs. Then you wrap the dough around the fruit (we like plums but any ripe fruit will work) and boil for about 10 minutes.  Cut open the steaming fruit, being careful of the pit, and layer the toppings over. I like to layer mine with bread crumbs, butter, sugar and cottage cheese.

Can you picture it?  (This and this are similar to how we make ours)  I know, it sounds a crazy, but oh so delicious.

So happy birthday Colton, my sweet little dumpling!

This is a picture of last year's dumplings. 

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