Sunday Morning

On Sunday Audrey and Colton were Baptized into God's family.  We have been attending our church for about a year, and after Easter I really felt called to have them Baptized.  It was a lovely service, attended by family and friends, as well as our amazing congregation.  The kids were completely at ease, lounging on the steps to the alter before, as Colton said, the pastor "washed my hair."  My hope, and I think Craig's too, is that our children will find at our church a community that will help them build a relationship with God, similar to the communities we both had growing up.

Afterward we had a picnic at the lake front, with fried chicken and homemade cole slaw and buttermilk biscuits, peaches and berries.  The kids played t-ball and (tried to) fly kites, while the adults sat in the shade.  It was a beautiful July morning, hot and sticky, the kind of day that erases every memory of winter from your bones.  It was a glorious day for our family.

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