Patron Saint Of Library Books

Am I the only one who has a hard time managing library books?  This week I had to pay an overdue fine and I don't have anything checked out to read.  Both problems are my own fault, but man, it makes me grumbly.

I just can't figure out how to manage my e-book list.  Either I have three books become available at the same time (and I could never read them all in the two week loan), or I end up 324th on the list for all the book I really want to read.  Last week I was notified that Patron Saint of Liars was available, but I was so caught up with The Expat's that I never downloaded it.  Arrrrg!!  I'm 415th on the list for Gone Girl (down from 1,014th), maybe I'll figure it out by time its my turn.

So I'm reading Christie again.  This week is The Mirror Crack'd, which is a Miss Marple book.  To be honest I just don't really like Miss Marple.  I've re-read a few of them recently and I think that maybe we're not meant to like her.  Inspector Slack not withstanding, a lot of people she meets don't like her.  Even the vicar's wife calls her "the worst cat in the village!"  So I don't feel too bad saying I don't like her.  But since I love Agatha Christie, of course I read the books anyway.

In between my library woes I've been knitting.  Can you think of a name for this mess?  I've been calling it Chain Mail.  Not like a chain letter, but like, you know, armor.  Someone else called it chain link fence. Ha!  I'll have to go back to the yarn store soon and ask them for a name.  "Two rectangles sewn together" doesn't describe the half of it.

Joining Ginny's Yarn Along today.

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  1. Anonymous6/14/2013

    I have a similar problem with ebooks, especially popular ones. I end up having to sort of cheat the system. I put a book on hold with my card, wait a week or so and put it on hold with one of the kids' cards. Then I know that while I might not finish it in the 2 weeks I'll have when "my" turn comes up, I will have a chance again relatively soon.
    I also have to keep track of my page regularly because when my turn is up with a library book, I stop being able to access it.