Evening Light

Last night I finished A Week In Winter and really enjoyed it.  It was a short, light read.  It might have been more appropriate to read the book in winter, but after my library debacle last week, I was just looking for a win.  And any Maeve Binchy is a good summer read, in my opinion.  One summer when I was in high school, someone gave a paper bag full of her books and I read them all before school started in the fall.  Ms. Binchy passed away last year, which I didn't know until I finished this book.  Tonight I'll start The Light Between Oceans.

The knitting continues.  I'm on to the second rectangle.  Knitting what-ever-this-is sometimes feels like watching a scary movie, I just can't look away, or in this case, give up on the project, no matter how bad I think the outcome will be.  It is possible I'm being over dramatic.  Time, as it always does, will tell.

Yarning Along with Ginny today.

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  1. Your project is beautiful! I love the color. I have never read a Maeve Binchy book! I will have to give her a try. Thanks for the recommendation. :)