More Books I've Always Loved

Are we all recovered enough from Downton Abby to talk of other things British?  Oh, ugg, I still feel queasy from all the love and loss, too.  But the general enthusiasm surrounding Lord Granthom and family has encouraged me to share an interest obsession I've had for many, many years.
Are you ready?

Yes, I am obsesses with Agatha Christie.

But there is something about Christie's characters that I love; Hercule Poirot being my personal favorite. As his story begins, just after the Great War, Poirot is a Belgium refugee living in the English countryside.  Near an estate, Styles, not so unlike Downton Abby.  Except there is murder!

Poirot adopts England as his home, has a brilliant career as a detective, makes many friends, enemies and even frienemies.  He is meticulous in dress, with an egg shaped head.  He is condescending to friends, listens at doors and reads private letter.   He is in fact a lot of fun.

I really want to tell you about my favorite plot lines.  How beloved characters reappear in later novels. How sometimes I feel like Ms. Christie is peeking out from between the pages, laughing, saying "Isn't this golly fun! I love writing so!"

But these things are so much better to discover on your own.

And I'm not the only one who thinks Christie deserves a renascence - check out the last page of the recent Anthro catalog!

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