Winter Break

We had a break from our normal routine last week, if not a break from the cold and snow.  My parents visited us and our days were filled with adventures and relaxation.  My mom and dad gave Craig and I some much appreciated time alone and together - for lighting projects and shopping and lunch with friends and TV in the middle of the day.  Simple things, you know.  Also, drinks at an over-21 establishment.  Adventures, as I said. 

Then we all went submarine spotting at Craig's favorite museum.  There was enough to interest everyone, all day.  The storm exhibit was fascinating.  


Finally, because no mid-west winter vacation would be complete with out it, we went to a water park.  It was awesome.  The outdoor hot tub in the snow was my favorite, but a close second was riding the 50 foot high water slide with Audrey.

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  1. Anonymous2/27/2013

    yes! when we lived in Northwest PA i saw lots of these indoor water parks! i had never heard of them prior to! so cool.