On The Lighter Side

Every morning when Audrey comes downstairs the first thing she does is look at the paperwhites and exclaim "Look how tall they are getting!"  I reach out to hold her and say "I know, it happens so fast."

My friend asked Audrey how old she would be next month and Audrey, with a slight frown while trying to fold her pinky finger under her thumb, she said, "Too much."

Colton is the politest 17th month old I know.  He says please when asking to breastfeed and thank you after.  I can hear your jaw dropping at the shock of it all.

Our PBS station had a Martha Stewart: Cooking School marathon over the weekend.  Part of me really wished I could have sat on the couch with a bottle of buttery Chardonnay and bowl of buttery popcorn and watched all 12 hours, but look at all the things I would have missed.

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