At Home

We've been getting acquainted with 2013 in a slow kind of way.  We spent most of the week at home, a little under the weather, sleeping late, and reading, to the kids and for myself.  Colton is a boy obsessed with water, so most mornings the kids have played in the bath for an hour or so.  I sit against the tub, trying to keep my book from being soaked.  Audrey received quite a few puzzles for Christmas and we been working on them while Colton naps.  Craig and I are planning birthdays, anniversaries and adventures, both near and afar. It's going to be a good year.

It started snowing this afternoon, just after I got home from the library and Whole Foods downtown.  I made chicken broth, then chicken noodle soup.  And Downton Abby starts tomorrow night! Hooray! Hope you're cozy too!

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