Chicago Tour - Thanksgiving 2012

After a cooking and eating and cleaning a Thanksgiving feast for 11 on Thursday, we were all excited to spend a day out of the house and in downtown Chicago.  After a quick ride on Metra into the heart of the city, we stepped out of the station into the canyon of skyscrapers.  A few blocks away is the former Sears Tower, now called the Willis Tower.  From the 103 floor we overlooked the city.  Craig and I gave our pop culture Chicago tour, including highlights like "Remember that scene from Adventures In Babysitting/Farris Bueller's Day Off/The Fugitive/Married With Children/the first season of The Apprentice/ Obama's 2008 acceptance speech?  This is where it happened."

The kids had no fear stepping out on to the glass floored windows.  It was another story for me.

Then Chicago hotdogs.  No ketchup, thank you very much.

We have soooo many pictures of us at the Bean, I mean Cloud Gate.

Next stop was the Art Institute of Chicago.  We followed the "What to see in one hour" tour.  I always love the Dali paintings, but I saw Chagall's stained glass windows for the first time and I love them!

Then we hopped on the water taxi and rode up the river back to the station. A lovely, lovely day in a wonderful weekend with family.

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